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29 August 2024

A global Network of local Events - ENSCHEDE SLUSH´D - 29th of August, 2024

You know what’s cooler than running a startup? Running a startup that makes impact. Because why stop at big when you can go even bigger? Enschede Slush’D challenges you to take your biggest, boldest dreams and make them bigger. Here, you find everything you need to reach new heights and bridge the Valley of Death. This is the place where seeds sprout and grow even bigger.

Enschede Slush’D started in 2023 with around 300 visitors. For the next edition on the 29th of August 2024, Enschede Slush´D is going even bigger. Expect 4 stages, 40+ speakers and a total of 500 tickets – of which there’s one investor for every three founders. Enschede Slush’D brings the vibe of slushy Helsinki to the vibrant campus of the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands. The perfect breeding ground to let seeds sprout and grow even bigger. 

The Enschede Slush is organized together with the REACH EUREGIO Startup Center from Münster (Germany).

Source and more information: https://novelt.com/nl/slushd/