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Cluster: Batteries

There is a global challenge to store energy in order to enable the transition to a more durable energy system. This global challenge is driven by the globally supported Paris Climate Agreement. It is also strongly addressed in Europe, Germany and the Netherlands by governmental bodies. They heavily invest in this subject through initiatives such as the EU Green Deal (Fit for 55 programme), the German “Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz” and the Dutch “Klimaatakkoord”. In our cross-border region, we focus on the subjects batteries and hydrogen. 

The battery clusters on both sides of the border are developing fast. Main driver is the investment of € 820 million in the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Research (FFB) facility in Münster. For the application of the FFB, funding companies and institutions in East Netherlands signed an LOI to support this project. In their National Battery Agenda, launched in June 2023, the Netherlands address the importance of connecting the battery ecosystems of Germany and the Netherlands. Both developments resulted already in several business exchanges between companies and knowledge institutions, like MEET Battery Research Institute in Münster and the Twente Center of Advanced Battery Technology.

Especially the universities of Münster and Twente are intensifying their cooperation in this area and the first Interreg applications of FFB and University of Twente are underway. Their strong research position is globally recognised. As an example, the joint cross-border mission in 2022 in the double triple helix format to the USA, resulted in a cooperation between both universities with Stanford University, a research programme on batteries. To better connect partners in the cross-border ecosystem, cluster managers were appointed in 2022 led by Technologieförderung Münster and Twente Board.

The first result is a cross-border ecosystem analysis that was executed. The FFB Building (Phase 2) in Münster, and the Advanced Manufacturing Center in Twente are opening in 2023. The first international companies are planning investments in a Münster branch office, to better connect with the FBB. All these are positive signals that support the further development of the cross-border battery ecosystem in the region.