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Cluster: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is of great importance in the context of climate change (EU Green Deal), the necessary transformation of the energy system, and global developments in the gas market. On the national level, governments are investing heavily. 

In Germany there are investments planned in a pipeline between Germany and Norway and a pipeline network, starting in North-West Germany (Get H2 Nukleus).

In the Netherlands there is the “Nationaal Waterstof Programma”. In our cross-border region a number of projects are underway to make processes in industry, transport and heating more carbon neutral. At present there is an established cross-border network of H2-clusters connecting more than 100 companies, knowledge institutes and governments. The focus is on a variety of competencies, for example process industry, transport, decentral energy hubs and the best practice for usage of H2 in rural areas. For instance “Bioenergyparc Saerbeck”, "Klimahafen Gelsenkirchen" or "H2 Application Application Center Herten" or the "H2 Hub Twente".  

There is also a portfolio of strong innovative players like 2G Energy AG, Westfalen AG, Enapter, Demcon, Remeha, Nedstack, Elestor and Lagerweij. In close cooperation with the EUREGIO, IHK Nord Westfalen and Bezirksregierung Münster the HydrogenX platform has started, mapping hydrogen initiatives in the cross-border region.

INTERREG Projects are also on the way, like BOOST.

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