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Cluster: Health & MedTech

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of a well-organised and accessible (cross-border) healthcare system. But the aging population in our cross-border region and the declining labour force puts stress on the accessibility of health care services.

The aging population with an increase and/or combination of chronic conditions puts even more stress on the healthcare system. The development and application of medical technology can be part of the solution. This technology can support prevention, remote healthcare, early detection and diagnosis, and connecting data-infrastructures.

Using new technology requires also organisational changes, such as better cooperation within the healthcare system and with other domains like the living environment of people, customised housing and proper education of medical, care and nursing staff. In the Netherlands, these challenges are recognised and translated to the “Intergraal Zorg Akkoord”.

In Germany, the topic of Health & MedTech also plays an important role as part of the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy 2025. Europe invests in new medical technologies through its innovation programmes. On both sides of the border, there are healthcare networks that show interest in cross-border cooperation. The universities of Münster and Twente cooperate closely with regional hospitals like MST, ZGT and Münster University Hospital. During the TechMed Event 2022 and 2023, the possibilities of further cross-border cooperation were explored.

There are also different activities at the Wirtschaftsförderung Münster, Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland, CeNTech and Twente Board.

The first Interreg project just started: BRIDGE