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31 May 2024

TECH.LAND at the Annual Eurocities meeting in Cluj

German-Dutch delegation from Münster and the network city of Twente traveled to the EUROCITIES annual meeting from 29-31 May 2024

Münster Mayor Klaus Rosenau, Head of Department Arno Minas and Christiane Lösel (City of Münster International Office), together with the mayor from Enschede and colleagues from the network city of Twente, are using their membership in Europe's largest city network to exchange views on topics such as climate change, innovation and resilience.

Approximately 200 major European cities from 20 different countries met in Cluj (Romania) at the end of May to learn about urban innovation. New solution strategies, digitally supported, will help to make cities fit for the future.

In Cluj, Mayor Klaus Rosenau and Enschede Mayor Roelof Bleker reported on the close cross-border cooperation between Münster and the Netwerkstad Twente, whose largest city is Enschede. The international audience was very interested in learning more about the cooperation in the fields of energy (battery and hydrogen), manufacturing methods and robotics, health and medical technology as well as the circular economy. According to Andre Sobczak, Secretary General of EUROCITIES, the cooperation of our border region on these topics, known as the TECH.LAND cooperation, is unique in Europe and shows that cross-border cooperation between business, municipalities and education is a win-win situation for all sides.

Source: City of Münster

Photo: Mayor Roelof Bleker and Mayor Klaus Rosenau
Picture: Gemeente Hengelo