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8 July 2024

REACH Innovation Night at the Westfalen Forum! Congratulations!

1 evening, 10 pitches, 200 participants, a fantastic atmosphere and 2 spontaneous first places! This was the first Innovation Night that REACH celebrated in the Westfalen Forum. 🚀

💡 The Ideation Lab teams pitched their innovative ideas and presented creative solutions to challenges in the areas of mobility, energy and chemistry! The interdisciplinary groups came up with exciting ideas about hydrogen, parking management, PV systems, biotechnology, power storage and much more. That was great! Everyone was excited about what was developed in 6 weeks. 

The jury spontaneously awarded 2 first places. Congratulations to all teams: 🏆 Audience Award - Crick Enzymes 🏆 2nd place - Citycharge 🏆 1st place - Crick Enzymes and Cargovibes Next comes the Explore phase, in which the ideas are to be put into practice as prototypes. We are excited to see how the teams continue. We Thank you to all our mentors for the support over the last few weeks, thank you to the jury, our panel participants and the entire organization team!

Also Novel-T with Mike Verkouter was joining the Innovation Night! 

Source: REACH